You Can Help

Here’s how you can stand up for Susan!

1. Know something about the case? If you have any information that may be important to this investigation, please contact:

Kevin Bailey, Lead Investigator
Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office
Ukiah, California
(707) 463-4211

All calls will be treated in complete confidence.

2. Sign the petition to Mendocino County, California District Attorney David Eyster, which reads:

Dear DA Eyster:  The investigation – now heading towards the three-year mark – has gone on long enough. It is time to prosecute Susan Keegan’s killer. Please exercise the authority vested in you by the voters of Mendocino County and make an arrest.

Add your name: Send an email with your name, address (at least your city and state) and email address to:  Write “I’m signing the petition” in the subject line.

Petition signatures will be sent only to the DA and will not be posted on the web site. Names will be treated with strict confidentially. We will forward the petition to the DA only when we have collected a minimum of 50 signatures.

3. Help us go viral. Share our website with all your contacts, post it on Facebook and other social media, contact local and statewide media and ask that they cover the story.

4. Ask your elected officials: Where is justice for Susan?

5.  Contact us with your comments, questions, and thoughts about how, together, we can achieve justice for Susan.  

About the Justice4Susan Committee:

We are personal friends and family members who knew both Susan Keegan and Dr. Peter Keegan well, and loved them both. Immediately after Susan’s death, each of us independently contacted the Sheriff’s Office to share our suspicions. In time, we found one another and agreed that we had an obligation to Susan to seek the truth from the law enforcement community. Justice is our only goal.