Community reacts to the news that Dr, Peter Keegan has been charged with murdering his wife, Susan. Read more: “In Ukiah, Murder is the Talk of the Town.”  Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 08-21-17.

The Associated Press ran a blurb about the Keegan case on its news feed, which was carried widely by media across the country, including the San Francisco ChronicleWashington Times and U.S. News & World Report08-19-2017.

“The Keegan case will reverberate throughout Mendocino County and beyond with its startlingly unique cast of characters.”  Read more: “Off the Record.”  Anderson Valley Advertiser, 08-16-17.

“Former Ukiah family practitioner Dr. Peter Keegan has been charged with second-degree murder.”  Read more:  “Husband Prosecuted in Death of Ukiah Woman Seven Years Later.”  Ukiah Daily Journal, 08-11-17.

Jury finds probable cause to prosecute Dr. Peter Keegan in the death of Susan Keegan. “Ukiah Doctor Arraigned in Wife’s Slaying.”  Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 08-11-17.

Anderson Valley Advertiser, which has long pushed law enforcement authorities to pursue the Keegan homicide, offers a good summary of events leading to Peter Keegan’s indictment. Read more: “Keegan Arraigned.” Anderson Valley Advertiser, 08-11-17.

Seven photograhs of the bathroom in which Susan Keegan’s body was found appeared unexpectedly on Dr. Peter Keegan’s Facebook page in early March. Twenty-four hours later, they were gone. Was it a taunt by the suspect?  A sign of obsession or a troubled mind?  Read more:  “Telltale Bathroom.”  Anderson Valley Advertiser, 03-25-2016.

Why won’t the Mendocino County DA present the Keegan case to the grand jury?  “It’s been four sad years for Susan’s family and friends, all of us believers in justice and the rule of law.” Read more:  “Four Years Later, Wait Continues for Action on Ukiah Woman’s Death.”  Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 11-11-2014.

“Two people in a house and one of them is dead.  Police say it was murder.”  Read more: Assignment: Ukiah.  Ukiah Daily Journal, 7-5-14

“‘The Keegan matter continues to receive investigator and prosecution time and attention,’ says DA Eyster.”  Read more: Group pushes for arrest in Susan Keegan Homicide Case.  Ukiah Daily Journal, 8-16-13

Family and friends of a Ukiah woman who died under questionable circumstances have launched a web page and petition drive devoted to promoting prosecution of her nearly three-year-old homicide.  Read more: Website Urges Arrest in Ukiah Woman’s Death.  Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-18-13

How is it possible to have a homicide, one suspect — but no arrest, no prosecution? Read more: Update on Investigation.  Anderson Valley Advertiser, 4-13-13

Faulty assumptions were made immediately in both cases – the troublemaking black and Hispanic kids must have committed a crime, the white, Harvard-educated physician could not have done so.  Read more: Susan Keegan & the Central Park Five.  Anderson Valley Advertiser, 12-5-12

It is known that Doctor Keegan had demanded a divorce from his wife of 32 years with whom he has two grown sons. Friends of the couple say that Peter Keegan had become verbally abusive towards Mrs. Keegan.  Read more: Susan Keegan Was Murdered.  Anderson Valley Advertiser, 8-22-12

“We believe she died at the hands of another,” Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said Tuesday….   Read more: Ukiah Woman’s 2010 Death Classified a Homicide.  Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8-21-12

“There is a person of interest in the suspected homicide,” said Sargent Greg Van Patten of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.  Read more: Ukiah Resident Susan Keegan’s Death Reclassified as a Homicide.  Ukiah Daily Journal, 8-21-12

The police caravan that pulled up in front of Dr. Peter Keegan’s house early Tuesday morning,arrived there with a search warrant…. Read more: Law Enforcement Search Keegan Home: Was Susan Keegan Murdered a Year Ago?  Anderson Valley Advertiser, 10-16-11

Shock and disbelief were almost simultaneous. One of the Ukiah Valley’s most active and popular figures, Susan Keegan, had been found dead in her South Ukiah home on Whitmore Lane…… Read more: The Improbable Death of Susan Keegan.  Anderson Valley Advertiser, 2-25-11

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