Grand Jury Testimony Released

More than 700 pages of Grand Jury testimony have been released to the public, following its decision in August 2017 to indict Dr. Peter Keegan on a single count of second-degree murder in the death of his wife, Susan Keegan. Excerpts are now available on a separate page of this website.

The seven-year delay following Susan’s death in November 2010 came into sharp relief when Prosecutor Timothy Stoen asked witness Scott Poma, then chief deputy coroner in the Medocino County Sheriff’s Office, “Was due diligence followed in this case in terms of crime scene investigation?”

“No,” answered Poma candidly. “And that’s the Sheriff’s Office’s fault, no one else’s… There were so many things that should have sent up markers that it’s a tragedy.”

Yet there is reason to believe in the extraordinary power of truth to emerge. Jay Chapman, forensic pathologist, was unambiguous in his testimony: “There was a multiplicity of blows to the head and to the hands. This woman obviously was assaulted.”

The full set of Grand Jury transcripts, with verbatim testimony from 17 witnesses, including the defendant, can now be accessed online.

Volume 1, August 1, 2017, pages 1-178

Volume 2, August 2, 2017, pages 179-288

Volume 3, August 4, 2017, pages 289-422

Volume 4, August 7, 2017, pages 423-497

Volume 5, August 8, 2017, pages 498-716

Volume 6, August 9, 2017, pages 717-732

Note to avid followers of the J4S website: there are extensive updates throughout this site to reflect Peter Keegan’s arrest and indictment as trial preparations move forward.