Welcome and thanks for following us.

We hope that you are following this blog because you recognize the importance of bringing Susan Keegan’s killer to justice and because you believe, as we do, that law enforcement must be held accountable to the community it serves.

Susan’s death was a terrible tragedy, and we ache with that loss.  Susan was cheated of the most precious asset any of us have – life itself – and all that it might have offered her.  Sadly, we can not right that wrong.

But we can try to do right by her memory.  We can see that the people of Mendocino County, where Susan spent most of her adult life, understand the truth about who she was and how she died.  We can insist that the evidence against her suspected killer be heard by a jury of peers.

This blog is a tool to do that.  We will be posting updates periodically – to report any developments in the case, to direct your attention to media coverage, to highlight important comments from the community, and to remind you that we need your help in seeing that justice is done.

Our voice will be more readily heard if it is amplified by collective power. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we move forward.

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