Media Coverage and the DA’s Response

The launch of the Justice4Susan web site earned some local media coverage, helping to remind Mendocino County law enforcement that the community remains deeply concerned about Susan Keegan’s unsolved homicide.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat (July 18, 2013) provided a welcome update. It was reassuring to hear District Attorney David Eyster call the case “a very active investigation.”

His assertion that his office would not act on pressure brought by a “particular special interest group” seemed like an unfortunate turn of phrase.  Our “special interest” is in seeing a homicide case fully and fairly prosecuted.  We’d like to think the membership of that group is rather large.

The Anderson Valley Advertiser (July 20, 2013) also ran a detailed story about the inexplicable delays in prosecuting the case. Bruce Anderson and his rambunctious weekly have been determined voices in the Justice4Susan campaign ever since Susan’s death.  Bruce recognized the incompetence of the Sheriff’s early investigation, applauded the DA’s intervention, and has never stopped asking hard questions.