3,000 web hits–and counting.

A year ago this week, Susan Keegan’s death certificate was changed to homicide.  With more than 3,000 hits since this web site was launched less than a month ago, it is obvious the Mendocino community is watching — and wondering what its elected officials are doing to solve an open homicide case.

Last week, the Ukiah Daily Journal joined other local and regional papers to provide an update, and quoted extensively from the web site.  The DA’s office said again that law enforcement is working actively on the investigation, and again suggested it would not be swayed by any “special interest group” – which it apparently defines as those who want to see homicides prosecuted fully and fairly.

Almost three years since Susan’s death.  A year since law enforcement authorities had enough evidence to call it a homicide. What will it take to bring the suspect to trial?

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