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Bearing Witness to a Missing 60th Birthday

Dear Susan: If only we could hear your birthday wishes. You should be celebrating another turn of the dial today, a decade leap into the once unimaginable age of 60. Knowing you, you would have marked the transition with gratitude, astonishment, optimism, and an adventurous travel plan. Instead, your life was stolen – homicide, according … Continue reading

Building the Evidence Against Doctors Who Murder Their Wives: What the Mendocino DA Can Learn from a Utah Conviction

The story of a Utah physician convicted of murdering his ex-wife last month has remarkable parallels to the unsolved homicide of Susan Keegan. The eerie similarities give us hope that we will also see a conviction in the Keegan case. Uta von Schwedler’s death in 2011 was initially treated as a suicide; four years later, … Continue reading

Four Years On, with Literary Flavor

On this, the fourth anniversary of Susan Keegan’s still-unprosecuted homicide, we will allow other voices to express the profound sorrow, quiet rage, and still-hopeful belief in the rule of law that guides our continued quest for justice. Feverish reader that she was, Susan would appreciate our effort to let literature speak for us:     … Continue reading

59th Birthday: In Memorium

Happy Birthday, Susan. Beloved sister, cousin, mother, daughter, friend, artist, and teacher.  We keep your memory alive in our hearts, we celebrate the time we had with you, and we miss you every day. And we continue to pursue justice on your behalf.  Enough already?  Susan would disagree, as we are reminded by words spoken … Continue reading