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“Husbands Who Choose Murder Over Divorce”

Most men who kill their wives and girlfriends have a track record of domestic violence.  But not always. A fascinating article in the Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture describes the common threads in another type of spousal murder – one “involving cold, careful, practical calculation.” “What possesses a husband to kill his wife when divorce … Continue reading

3,000 web hits–and counting.

A year ago this week, Susan Keegan’s death certificate was changed to homicide.  With more than 3,000 hits since this web site was launched less than a month ago, it is obvious the Mendocino community is watching — and wondering what its elected officials are doing to solve an open homicide case. Last week, the … Continue reading

Media Coverage and the DA’s Response

The launch of the Justice4Susan web site earned some local media coverage, helping to remind Mendocino County law enforcement that the community remains deeply concerned about Susan Keegan’s unsolved homicide. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat (July 18, 2013) provided a welcome update. It was reassuring to hear District Attorney David Eyster call the case “a … Continue reading